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We specialise in collecting receivables for organisations. We try to provide a holistic monitoring and collection methodology for businesses to monitor their overall debtors rather than focus only on debts which are difficult to collect. 
With increased vigilance on collections commercial organisations can increase their cashflow thereby enabling them to focus on business needs, sustainability and growth. We understand that it is critical for your organisation to ensure their purchase orders and invoices are collected promptly while preserving your existing relationship. We regulate collections and do our best to not affect your relationship with your clients and customers which have been built up over many years.
Credit Control and Credit Risk Management
Our strength comes from communicating effectively with your customers on regular basis with consistency to obtain commitments from them on specific dates for payment, monitoring whether the payments come in on time and keeping you informed of payments which go beyond the usual payment cycle. We monitor risk by monitoring the receivables and the payment terms and provide reports on a weekly basis so that you can assess your risk on potential defaults by your customers and clients.

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