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We have experience in Credit Control and Credit Risk Management

Receivables Reporting

Providing a report with the status of your receivables on a weekly basis.

Payment Reminder

Writing to your clients, customers, business associates in a polite manner to remind them of their payment obligations.

Site Visits

Site visits on your behalf with these customers which may be more effective

Cash flow Management

Making telephone calls to your customers to confirm when payment can be expected from them & follow up till the committed date, so that you have an indication on payment status & ability to plan your cash flow.

Client Liaison

Thanking your customers for the payments received, to maintain smooth relationship with them, enabling you to have continuing business transactions with them

Client Follow-Up

Continuously following up with these customers after the committed date and escalating the request for payment to senior management when these payments are not received promptly in accordance with the date committed by these customers.

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If you are entering into a new transaction with a new client in Singapore or in Asean region, or you just want to check creditworthiness of your existing clients we can also undertake some preliminary searches to establish this companies background and further pay a visit to this company to verify if the company is operating at the given site/location/address.
Credit Control and Credit Risk Management
Credit Control and Credit Risk Management

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